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Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 1(1)

Journal of Global Fashion Marketing Vol. No.1 was published by Korean Academy of Marketing Science on Feb. 28, 2010.

Key Success and Failure Paths in Fashion Marketing Strategies
Arch G. Woodside (Boston College)
E-tail Evolution: Motives and Behavioral Intentions of E-shopper Segments
Sejin Ha (Purdue University), Leslie Stoel (Ohio State University)
Generational Consumer Segments and Shopping Process Characteristics: Baby Boomers and Echo Boomers with Apparel Product Selection Activities
Doris H. Kincade (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
Jihyun Kim (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
Fay Gibson (North Carolina State University)
Buying Fashion Impulsively: Environmental and Personal Influences
Jaeha Lee (North Dakota State University), Kim K.P. Johnson (University of Minnesota)
Mimeticism and the Basis of Value: Toward a Theory of Fashion Marketing
David J. Burns (Xavier University)
Consumer Innovativeness as a Second Order Construct: A Cross-Cultural Study
Ronald E. Goldsmith (Florida State University)
Daekwan Kim (Florida State University)
Leisa Flynn (University of Southern Mississippi)
Wan-Min Kim (Pukyong University)
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Achieving Brand Power: Bean Pole of Samsung
Eun Young Kim (Chungbuk National University), Eunju Ko (Yonsei University)
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