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Journal of Consumer Research, 36(5)

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Journal of Consumer Research 

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Editorial: Broadening the Scope of Consumer Research
John Deighton, Debbie MacInnis, Ann McGill, and Baba Shiv [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Disciplinary Status of Consumer Behavior: A Sociology of Science Perspective on Key Controversies
Deborah J. MacInnis and Valerie S. Folkes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

I’ll Have What She’s Having: Effects of Social Influence and Body Type on the Food Choices of Others
Brent McFerran, Darren W. Dahl, Gavan J. Fitzsimons, and Andrea C. Morales [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Thin and Heavy Media Images on Overweight and Underweight Consumers: Social Comparison Processes and Behavioral Implications
Dirk Smeesters, Thomas Mussweiler, and Naomi Mandel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Comfort Food Fallacy: Avoiding Old Favorites in Times of Change
Stacy Wood [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Long and Short of It: Why Are Stocks with Shorter Runs Preferred?
Priya Raghubir and Sanjiv R. Das [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Will This Trip Really Be Exciting? The Role of Incidental Emotions in Product Evaluation
Hakkyun Kim, Kiwan Park, and Norbert Schwarz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Do Incidental Mood Effects Last? Lay Beliefs versus Actual Effects
Anastasiya Pocheptsova and Nathan Novemsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Choosing Your Future: Temporal Distance and the Balance between Self-Control and Indulgence
Juliano Laran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Identity Work as Moral Protagonism: How Myth and Ideology Animate a Brand-Mediated Moral Conflict
Marius K. Luedicke, Craig J. Thompson, and Markus Giesler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Believe Me, I Have No Idea What I’m Talking About: The Effects of Source Certainty on Consumer Involvement and Persuasion
Uma R. Karmarkar and Zakary L. Tormala [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revisiting Individual Choices in Group Settings: The Long and Winding (Less Traveled) Road?
Pascale Quester and Alexandre Steyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pragmatic Learning Theory: An Inquiry-Action Framework for Distributed Consumer Learning in Online Communities
Rama K. Jayanti and Jagdip Singh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]