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Journal of Consumer Policy, 33(1)

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Journal of Consumer Policy 

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A European Perspective on Consumer Loans and the Role of Credit Registries: the Need toReconcile Data Protection, Risk Management, Efficiency, Over-indebtedness, and a Better Prudential Supervision of the Financial System
Federico Ferretti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Considering Market-Based Instruments for Consumer Protection in Higher Education
Karsten Mause [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Welfare Economics of “Bounce Protection” Programs
Marc Anthony Fusaro & Richard E. Ericson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why is there a Separation between Distance Selling in EU Law and the Tourism Industry?
Josep Maria Bech Serrat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nanomaterials and the Precautionary Principle in the EU
Sebastian Heselhaus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]