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Journal of Consumer Affairs, 44(1)

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Journal of Consumer Affairs 

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Are Consumers Disadvantaged or Vulnerable? An Examination of Consumer Complaints to the Better Business Bureau
Dennis E. Garrett, Peter G. Toumanoff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Advertising, Social Influences, and Self-Efficacy on Adolescent Tobacco Use and Alcohol Consumption
Brian R. Kinard, Cynthia Webster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Credit Counseling to Help Debtors Regain Footing
Jeff Jianfeng Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Which Households Think They Save?
Yoonkyung Yuh, Sherman D. Hanna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

More Than a Penny Saved: Long-Term Changes in Behavior Among Savings Program Participants
C„zilia Loibl, Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Min Zhan, Beth Red Bird [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the Effect of Expressing a Quantitative Goal on Consumer Savings
C„zilia Loibl, Robert L. Scharff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Concern with Immediate Consequences Magnifies the Impact of Compulsive Buying Tendencies on College Students’ Credit Card Debt
Jeff Joireman, Jeremy Kees, David Sprott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Biases and Competences in Company Stock Holdings
Christine W. Lai, Jing Jian Xiao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cohort Effects of Household Expenditures on Food Away from Home
Hua Zan, Jessie X. Fan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commentary Notes and Observations

Colston E. Warne Lecture: Is It Time for Another Round of Consumer Protection? The Lessons of Twentieth-Century U.S. History
Lizabeth Cohen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

ACCI Memorial Paper: The Scholarly Legacy of E. Scott Maynes
Loren V. Geistfeld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interaction of Law and Ethics in Matters of Advertisers’ Responsibility for Protecting Consumers
Ivan L. Preston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Editorial Postlude

Adventures in Misplaced Mentoring
Herbert Jack Rotfeld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]