Marketing Teachers Tweeting


Manish Kacker wanted to find out who in academic marketing was using twitter for teaching and other purposes. Twenty ELMAR subscribers responded with twitter account names

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Manish Kacker had suggested that the ARC would benefit from having a list of marketing professors on Twitter. His posting resulted in the following list of folks who responded:


    bostongarden Bruce Weinberg Bentley University
    CMOJournal William L. Koleszar The Chief Marketing Officer Journal
    DennyMcCorkle Denny E. McCorkle University of Northern Colorado
    dmhoro David Horowitz Sonoma State University
    Don_Roy Donald P. Roy Middle Tennessee State University
    flahertb Theresa B. Flaherty James Madison University
    fredriknordin Fredrik Nordin Stockholm University
    insead_asms Andrew T. Stephen INSEAD
    LyleWetsch Lyle Wetsch Memorial University of Newfoundland
    MKT3302 Norma A. Mendoza University of Texas at El Paso
    mktg3024 Stephen Dann Australian National University
    paurav Paurav Shukla University of Brighton
    PingTweets Yuping Liu-Thompkins Old Dominion University
    ProfessorGary Gary Schirr Radford University
    SandrinePromTep Sandrine Prom Tep HEC Montreal
    Selin_Atalay A. Selin Atalay HEC Paris
    sjones9200 Susan K. Jones Ferris State University
    snasco Suzanne Nasco Southern Illinois University
    strategydoc Darin W. White Samford University
    TweetRightBrain Denny E. McCorkle University of Northern Colorado

Wouldn’t you know; we also learned that there already are some lists of marketing professor on Twitter. Denny McCorkle provides this link to the top marketing professors on twitter (it is regularly updated):

while Susan Brudvig’s list is,

to which you can subscribe, and suggest names.

Denny McCorkle added this link where you can identify the top tweeters in marketing or any other specialty of marketing:

He also recommends the following guidebook for learning about twitter: