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Judgment and Decision Making, 5(1)

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Judgment and Decision Making 

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You don’t want to know what you’re missing: When information about forgone rewards impedes dynamic decision making
A. Ross Otto and Bradley C. Love [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attribute framing affects the perceived fairness of health care allocation principles
Eyal Gamliel and Eyal Peer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to study cognitive decision algorithms: The case of the priority heuristic
Klaus Fiedler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Who throws good money after bad? Action vs. state orientation moderates the sunk cost fallacy
Marijke van Putten, Marcel Zeelenberg and Eric van Dijk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conflict of interest and the intrusion of bias
Don A. Moore, Lloyd Tanlu and Max H. Bazerman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Implementation of the Multiple-Measure Maximum Likelihood strategy classification method in R: Addendum to Gl”ckner (2009) and practical guide for application
Marc Jekel, Andreas Nicklisch and Andreas Gl”ckner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How do jurors argue with one another?
Joshua Warren, Deanna Kuhn and Michael Weinstock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]