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Technovation, 30(4)

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Technology assessment for portfolio managers
Rias Johann Van Wyk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An empirical analysis of nanotechnology research domains
Nazrul Islam, Kumiko Miyazaki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analysis of Web 2.0 enabled e-clusters: A case study
Dotun Adebanjo, Roula Michaelides [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Forcing technological change: A case of automobile emissions control technology development in the US
Jaegul Lee, Francisco M. Veloso, David A. Hounshell, Edward S. Rubin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The determinants of new service development: Service characteristics, market orientation, and actualizing innovation effort
Chyi Jaw, Jyue-Yu Lo, Yi-Hsing Lin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of science parks and business incubators in converging countries: Evidence from Portugal
Tiago Ratinho, Elsa Henriques [Publisher] [Google Scholar]