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Research Policy 

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Academic spin-off’s transfer speedÄAnalyzing the time from leaving university to venture
Kathrin M?ller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The grace period in international patent law and its effect on the timing of disclosure
Chiara Franzoni, Giuseppe Scellato [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Patents and the survival of Internet-related IPOs
S. Wagner, I. Cockburn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A hidden cost of strategic alliances under Schumpeterian dynamics
Jeho Lee, Seung Ho Park, Young Ryu, Yoon-Suk Baik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How can clusters sustain performance? The role of network strength, network openness, and environmental uncertainty
Andreas B. Eisingerich, Simon J. Bell, Paul Tracey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

External knowledge sourcing in biotechnology through acquisition versus alliance: A KBV approach
Sofy Carayannopoulos, Ellen R. Auster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the development of technology-intensive suppliers in resource-based developing economies
Carlos Torres-Fuchslocher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A theory of firm growth: Learning capability, knowledge threshold, and patterns of growth?
Chang-Yang Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Open innovation in SMEsÄAn intermediated network model
Sungjoo Lee, Gwangman Park, Byungun Yoon, Jinwoo Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The limits of capital: Transcending the public financerÄprivate producer split in industrial R&D
Dan Breznitz, Amos Zehavi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]