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European Management Journal, 28(2)

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European Management Journal 

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Complexity, simplicity, simplexity
Miguel Pina e Cunha, Arm‚nio Rego [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analysing industry profitability: A “complexity as cause” perspective
Adri n A. Caldart, Fernando Oliveira [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A configuration-holistic approach to born-global firms’ strategy formation process
Alex Rialp-Criado, Inmaculada Galv n-S nchez, Sonia Ma Su rez-Ortega [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changing project business orientations: Towards a new logic of project marketing
Anne Jalkala, Bernard Cova, Robert Salle, Risto T. Salminen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing strategy and marketing performance measurement system: Exploring the relationship
Lucio Lamberti, Giuliano Noci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A multi-layered approach to CRM implementation: An integration perspective
David J. Finnegan, Wendy L. Currie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]