Service-Orientation in Electronic Markets


Special issue of Electronic Markets, Edited by Rainer Alt, Witold Abramowicz and Haluk Demirkan; Deadline 30 Apr 2010

CFP: Focus Theme Section on “Service-orientation in Electronic Markets”

Submission deadline: April, 30, 2010

Service science is interested in new forms of value creation using services for organizations, industry structures, consumers, societies and so forth.

The purpose of this special issue is to analyze the linkage between service-orientation and electronic markets. Among the relevant questions are how service oriented solutions provide value to electronic markets, how electronic Markets improve the effectiveness of service industries such as education, healthcare, legal, logistics, and others. In fact, service orientation and electronic markets, are interdependent and closely linked. First of all, electronic markets are coordination services that provide platforms for the economic exchange of information on goods or services and value. Second, electronic markets are intra- and inter- organizational in nature, and service-oriented business processes, architectures and infrastructures are commonly regarded as enablers for the interoperability between organizations. Third, service-oriented concepts rely on intermediaries that support the bundling of basic services towards more comprehensive services and that operate key architecture elements, such as registries and/or repositories.

Possible topics of theoretical, applied, field and empirical research include, but are not limited to:

    – Services and service-oriented platforms for service orchestration and provisioning

    – Services of electronic markets (e.g. payment, logistics, security, trust, etc.)

    – Service science and electronic markets

    – Service governance issues in electronic markets

    – Service-orientation and value chain management

    – Business assessment of service-orientation (cost, benefits, performance)

    – Quality of services in electronic markets

    – Configuration, personalization and evaluation of business services

    – Management and customization of services

    – Concepts for service operation in/for electronic markets

    – Industrialization und standardization of services

    – Services modeling and simulation in/for electronic markets

    – Service pricing and revenue strategies

    – Business models of electronic service markets

    – Core mechanisms of B2B electronic markets of services

    – Service directories and electronic markets

Guest Editors:

Rainer Alt, University of Leipzig, Germany

Witold Abramowicz, University of Poznan, Poland

Haluk Demirkan, Arizona State University, USA


Papers must be submitted via the electronic submission system. Instructions are available at