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International Marketing Review, 27(1)

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International Marketing Review 

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Market orientation in the mental models of decision makers: two cross-border value chains
Klaus G. Grunert, Torbj©rn Trondsen, Emilio Gonzalo Campos, James A. Young [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New product development proficiency and multi-country product rollout timeliness
Keon Bong Lee, Veronica Wong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On importer trust and commitment: a comparative study of two developing countries
Constanza Bianchi, Abu Saleh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the role of beliefs and attitudes in online advertising: A comparison between the USA and Romania
Ying Wang, Shaojing Sun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Status consumption in cross-national context: Socio-psychological, brand and situational antecedents
Paurav Shukla [Publisher] [Google Scholar]