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International Journal of Tourism Research, 12(2)

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International Journal of Tourism Research 

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Organisational channel discrepancies between CVBs and meeting planners in the USA
Dae-Young Kim, Xinran Y. Lehto, Sheryl F. Kline [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Testing the impact of a promotional video on destination image change: application of China as a tourism destination
Amir Shani, Po-Ju Chen, Youcheng Wang, Nan Hua [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consolidation in a wildlife tourism industry: the changing impact of whale shark tourist expenditure in the Ningaloo coast region
James Catlin, Tod Jones, Brad Norman, David Wood [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International tourism and economic development in South Africa: a Granger causality test
Oludele A. Akinboade, Lydia A. Braimoh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Luxury shopping in tourism
Kwang-Soo Park, Yvette Reisinger, Eun-Hee Noh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural comparison of tourists’ safety perception in relation to trip satisfaction
Asli D. A. Tasci, Yasin Boylu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing visitors’ experiences at hot spring recreation areas in Taiwan
Tsung-Hung Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]