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Journal of Classification, 26(3)

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Journal of Classification 

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The Remarkable Simplicity of Very High Dimensional Data: Application of Model-Based Clustering
Fionn Murtagh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Seriation in the Presence of Errors: NP-Hardness of l? Fitting Robinson Structures to Dissimilarity Matrices
Victor Chepoi, Bernard Fichet & Morgan Seston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market Segmentation Using Brand Strategy Research: Bayesian Inference with Respect to Mixtures of Log-Linear Models
Pascal Hattum & Herbert Hoijtink [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unfolding Incomplete Data: Guidelines for Unfolding Row-Conditional Rank Order Data with Random Missings
Frank M. T. A. Busing & Mark Rooij [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Incremental Tree-Based Missing Data Imputation with Lexicographic Ordering
Claudio Conversano & Roberta Siciliano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]