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Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 25(2)

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Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 

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Marketing strategy selection, marketing metrics, and firm performance
Debra Zahay, Abbie Griffin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managerial trust and NPD team performance: team commitment and longevity as mediators
Mumin Dayan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The determinants of long-term relationship on inter-organizational systems performance
Hsin Hsin Chang, Hsin-Wei Wang, Ta Wei Kao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

RELQUAL’s impact on satisfaction in Norwegian business relationships
Tore Mysen, G”ran Svensson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Business management software in high-tech firms: the case of the IT services sector
Blanca Hernandez, Julio Jimenez, M. Jos‚ Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Enhancement of product development capabilities of OEM suppliers: inter- and intra-organisational learning
Yen-Tsung Huang, Wenyi Chu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revising marketing strategies for supplier selection criteria: small firm approach from the information and communications industry
Jussi H„t”nen, Mika Ruokonen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]