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Journal of Brand Management, 17(4)

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Journal of Brand Management 

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Day one
Robert Jones [Publisher]

A tri-dimensional approach for auditing brand loyalty
Steve Worthington, Rebekah Russell-Bennett and Charmine Hartel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inter-size and inter-brand competition analysis within a product category: Scope of cannibalization effects
Oscar Gonzalez-Benito, Zaira I Loyola-Galvan and Pablo A Munoz-Gallego [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cause-related marketing: Building the corporate image while supporting worthwhile causes
Marlen Demetriou, Ioanna Papasolomou and Demetris Vrontis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the relationship between brand usage and brand knowledge structures
Gillian K Oakenfull and Michael S McCarthy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Close Relationship Strategy – Corporate brand development in banking
Lars Silver and Bjorn Berggren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The forgotten side of marketing
Ajay Kalra and David Soberman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]