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Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 111(1)

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Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 

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Is it even worth it? The effect of loss prospects in the outcome distribution of a public goods dilemma
Matthew W. McCarter, Kevin W. Rockmann, Gregory B. Northcraft [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Doing good buffers against feeling bad: Prosocial impact compensates for negative task and self-evaluations
Adam M. Grant, Sabine Sonnentag [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Finishing on time: When do predictions influence completion times?
Roger Buehler, Johanna Peetz, Dale Griffin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The desirability bias in predictions: Going optimistic without leaving realism
Paul D. Windschitl, Andrew R. Smith, Jason P. Rose, Zlatan Krizan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The conflicting choices of alternating selves
Robyn A. LeBoeuf, Eldar Shafir, Julia Belyavsky Bayuk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What’s in a name? Subliminally activating trusting behavior
Li Huang, J. Keith Murnighan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]