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Journal of Business Ethics, 91(3)

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Journal of Business Ethics 

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Ethics of Celebrities and Their Increasing Influence in 21st Century Society
Chong Ju Choi & Ron Berger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Political Dimension: Added Value for Cross-Cultural Analysis. Nozawa and Smits, Two CEOs and Their Public Statements
Robert Es & Thomas Pels [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Stockholder Ä A Lesson for Business Ethics from Bioethics?
John Hardwig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Defining Respectful Leadership: What It Is, How It Can Be Measured, and Another Glimpse at What It Is Related to
Niels Quaquebeke & Tilman Eckloff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Growth via Intellectual Property Rights Versus Gendered Inequity in Emerging Economies: An Ethical Dilemma for International Business
Pallab Paul & Kausiki Mukhopadhyay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural Competences: An Important Resource in the IndustryÄNGO Dialog
Maria Joutsenvirta & Liisa Uusitalo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stakeholders’ Perceptions and Future Scenarios to Improve Corporate Social Responsibility in Hong Kong and Mainland China
Joyce Tsoi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical Judgments in Business Ethics Research: Definition, and Research Agenda
John R. Sparks & Yue Pan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Guanxi Management as Complex Adaptive Systems: a Case Study of Taiwanese ODI in China
Meiling Wong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond the Game: Perceptions and Practices of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Professional Sport Industry
Hela Sheth & Kathy M. Babiak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]