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International Journal of Market Research, 52(1)

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IJMR 52.1

Peter Mouncey


Learn to love procurement
Louise Cretton


Perspectives on data mining
Niall M. Adams

Main papers

Do institutions really influence political participation? Contextual influences on turnout and participation in the world’s democracies
Paul Whiteley, Marianne Stewart, David Sanders and Harold Clarke

Consumer-based brand equity conceptualisation and measurement: a literature review
George Christodoulides and Leslie de Chernatony

The importance of social motives for watching and interacting with digital television
Steven Bellman, Anika Schweda and Duane Varan

Whose design is it anyway? Priming designer and shifting preferences
Gorm Gabrielsen, Tore Kristensen and Judith Lynne Zaichkowsky

Purchasing behaviour in an online supermarket: the applicability of E-S-QUAL
Frederic Marimon, Richard Vidgen, Stuart Barnes and Eduard Crist¢bal

Conference notes

IJMR Research Methods Forum: `Start listening, stop asking’, London, 4 November 2009
`Co-creating the future’ Roy Langmaid
`Get real: from the viewing facility to the real world’ Philly Desai

Book reviews

Don Tapscott Ä Grown up digital: how the net generation is changing your world
Alan Wilson

Iain Ellwood with Sheila Shekar Ä Wonder woman: marketing secrets for the trillion-dollar company
Eleanor Shaw