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Administrative Science Quarterly, 54(4)

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Administrative Science Quarterly 

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Ambiguity and the Equity of Rating Systems: United States Brokerage Firms, 1995-2000
Anne Fleischer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Constraints on the Control Benefits of Brokerage: A Study of Placement Agents in U.S. Venture Capital Fundraising
Christopher I. Rider [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hiding the Evidence of Valid Theories: How Coupled Search Processes Obscure Performance Differences among Organizations
Nicolaj Siggelkow, Jan W. Rivkin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Pabst to Pepsi: The Deinstitutionalization of Social Practices and the Creation of Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Shon R. Hiatt, Wesley D. Sine, Pamela S. Tolbert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Michael Yaziji and Jonathan Doh: NGOs and Corporations: Conflict and Collaboration.
Klaus Weber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

John D. Donahue: The Warping of Government Work.
Hal G. Rainey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ann K. Boulis and Jerry A. Jacobs: The Changing Face of Medicine: Women Doctors and the Evolution of Health Care in America.
Emily Heaphy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Robert A. Roe, Mary J. Waller, and Stewart R. Clegg: Time in Organizational Research.
Karen Golden-Biddle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Howard J. Klein, Thomas E. Becker, and John P. Meyer: Commitment in Organizations: Accumulated Wisdom and New Directions.
William Ross [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Warren Thorngate, Robyn M. Dawes, and Margaret Foddy: Judging Merit.
Don Moore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sean Safford: Why the Garden Club Couldn’t Save Youngstown: The Transformation of the Rust Belt.
Peter W. Roberts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

William P. Barnett: The Red Queen among Organizations: How Competitiveness Evolves.
Anand Swaminathan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nirmalya Kumar, with Pradipta K. Mohapatra and Suj Chandrashekhar: India’s Global Powerhouses: How They Are Taking on the World.
Rajesh Kumar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Julianne G. Mahler: Organizational Learning at NASA: The Challenger and Columbia Accidents.
Pamela R. Haunschild [Publisher] [Google Scholar]