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Psychology and Marketing, 27(2)

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Psychology and Marketing 

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Guest editorial: The interaction of online technology on the consumer shopping experience
William K. Darley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward an integrated framework for online consumer behavior and decision making process: A review
William K. Darley, Charles Blankson, Denise J. Luethge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer perceptions of online shopping environments: A gestalt approach
Catherine Demangeot, Amanda J. Broderick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online visual merchandising (VMD) cues and consumer pleasure and arousal: Purchasing versus browsing situation
Young Ha, Sharron J. Lennon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The relationship between trusting beliefs and Web site loyalty: The moderating role of consumer motives and flow
Reetika Gupta, Sertan Kabadayi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The potential implications of web-based marketing communications for consumers’ implicit and explicit brand attitudes: A call for research
Sreedhar Madhavaram, Radha Appan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]