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Young Consumers, 10(4)

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Young Consumers 

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Knowing the child consumer: historical and conceptual insights on qualitative children’s consumer research
Daniel Thomas Cook [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“As soon as you get on Bebo you just go mad”: young consumers and the discursive construction of teenagers online
Rebekah Willett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ambiguities and paradoxes in children’s talk about marketing breakfast cereals with toys
Anna Sparrman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“The Coke side of life” – an exploration of pre-schoolers’ constructions of product and selves through talk-in-interaction around Coca-Cola
Olivia Freeman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What makes me cool? Estonian tweens’ interpretative repertoires
Margit Keller, Veronika Kalmus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]