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International Journal of Tourism Research, 12(1)

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International Journal of Tourism Research 

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Clustering and compatibility between tourism attractions
Adi Weidenfeld, Richard W. Butler, Allan M. Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The self-presentation and self-development of serious wildlife tourists
Susanna Curtin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The relationship between business characteristics and ICT deployment in the rural tourism sector. The case of Spain
Ana Isabel Polo Peña, Dolores Mar¡a Fr¡as Jamilena [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A comparison of different approaches to segment information search behaviour of spring break travellers in the USA: experience, knowledge, involvement and specialisation concept
Sangwon Park, Dae-Young Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Between relaxation and excitement: activities and benefits gained in retirees’ tourism
Galit Nimrod, Arie Rotem [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Islamic tourism and managing tourism development in Islamic societies: the cases of Iran and Saudi Arabia
Hamira Zamani-Farahani, Joan C. Henderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A tourism research agenda for Portugal
João Albino Silva, Paulo M.M. Rodrigues, J£lio Mendes, Lu¡s N. Pereira [Publisher] [Google Scholar]