Universal Structure Modeling


Frank Buckler offers ELMAR subscribers teaching material on Universal Structure Modeling (Buckler and Hennig-Thurau 2008)

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I would like to inform lecturers about the availability of teaching material on Universal Structure Modeling (USM). USM is discussed in Buckler and Hinnig-Thurau (2008) and discussed recently in Buckler (2009).

In the teaching pack Zip-File that can be downloaded at www.neusrel.com/USM-teaching-pack.zip you’ll find:

  • Introductory Powerpoint charts on USM
  • A PDF tutorial on how to apply USM using the software NEUSREL

Also, you can access two videos on

or just stream them on www.neusrel.com and www.neusrel.com/software


Buckler, F. (2009): Causal Analysis to the Rescue: How to find success factors from survey data, in: Marketing Research Magazine (AMA), Fall 2009

Buckler, F./Hennig-Thurau, T. (2008): Identifying Hidden Structures in Marketing’s Structural Models Through Universal Structure Modeling: An Explorative Neural Network Complement to LISREL and PLS, in: Marketing Journal of Research and Management