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Public Opinion Quarterly, 73(4)

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Public Opinion Quarterly 

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Editors’ Note
James N. Druckman and Nancy A. Mathiowetz [Publisher]

National Surveys Via Rdd Telephone Interviewing Versus the Internet: Comparing Sample Representativeness and Response Quality
Linchiat Chang and Jon A. Krosnick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Nature of Political Ideology in the Contemporary Electorate
Shawn Treier and D. Sunshine Hillygus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Dynamics of Party Identification Reconsidered
Harold D. Clarke and Allan L. McCutcheon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Zero Banks: Coverage Error and Bias in Rdd Samples Based on Hundred Banks with Listed Numbers
John Boyle, Michael Bucuvalas, Linda Piekarski, and Andy Weiss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Reassessment of List-Assisted Rdd Methodology
Mansour Fahimi, Dale Kulp, and J. Michael Brick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Composite Estimates from Incomplete and Complete Frames for Minimum-Mse Estimation in a Rare Population: An Application to Families with Young Children
Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar, Marc N. Elliott, Amelia M. Haviland, and Lynn A. Karoly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not All Survey Effort is Equal: Reduction of Nonresponse Bias and Nonresponse Error
Andy Peytchev, Rodney K. Baxter, and Lisa R. Carley-Baxter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Polls – Trends: Public Perceptions of the U.S. Residential Housing Market Before, During, and After the Housing Bubble (1990-2009)
Carroll J. Glynn, Carole A. Lunney, and Michael E. Huge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Seth Masket. No Middle Ground: How Informal Party Organizations Control Nominations and Polarize Legislatures
Matthew S. Levendusky [Publisher]

Christopher Gelpi, Peter D. Feaver, and Jason Reifler. Paying the Human Costs of War: American Public Opinion and Casualties in Military Conflicts.
Sean Aday [Publisher]

In Memoriam. Alec M. Gallup, 1928-2009
Frank Newport [Publisher]