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Journal of Political Economy, 117(6)

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Journal of Political Economy 

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(Mixed) Strategy in Oligopoly Pricing: Evidence from Gasoline Price Cycles Before and Under a Timing Regulation
Zhongmin Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Monetary Intervention Mitigated Banking Panics during the Great Depression: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from a Federal Reserve District Border, 1929Ä1933
Gary Richardson and William Troost [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Opening the Black Box of Intrahousehold Decision Making: Theory and Nonparametric Empirical Tests of General Collective Consumption Models
Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock, and Frederic Vermeulen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investment-Based Expected Stock Returns
Laura Xiaolei Liu, Toni M. Whited, and Lu Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Is Consumption More Log Normal than Income? Gibrat’s Law Revisited
Erich Battistin, Richard Blundell, and Arthur Lewbel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reconsidering Racial Bias in Motor Vehicle Searches: Theory and Evidence
Sarath Sanga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]