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Journal of Advertising Research, 49(4)

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Journal of Advertising Research 

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Editorial: The Innovation Issue
Geoffrey Precourt

Management Slant: Key learnings from the papers of JAR 49, 3.

The Opportunity for Marketing “Simplification”
Joel Rubinson

Viewpoint: Now Or Never – An Urgent Call to Action for Consensus on New Media Metrics
Alan Wurtzel

A Classic Formula: End-to-End Insight with Added Productivity
Clodagh Forde, Stan Sthanunathan, Dave Patten, and Geoff Wicken

This Event is Me! How Consumer Event Self-Congruity Leverages Sponsorship
Angeline G Close, Anjala SKrishen, and Michael S Latour

How Rich-Media Video Technology Boosts Branding Goals: Different Online Advertising Formats Drive Different Brand-Performance Metrics
Leah Spalding, Sally Cole, and Amy Fayer

Winning the Super “Buzz” Bowl: How Biometrically-Based Emotional Engagement Correlates with Online Views and Comments for Super Bowl Advertisements
Caleb J Siefert, Ravi Kothuri, Devra B Jacobs, Brian Levine, Joseph Plummer, and Carl D Marci

Research on Advertising in a Recession: A Critical Review and Synthesis
Gerard J Tellis and Kethan Tellis

Beauty is in the Eye of the Tech Manager: How Technology Orientation and Interactive-Media Knowledge Can Drive (or Stall) Chang
Larry Chiagouris and Vishal Lala

Metrics That Matter: Identifying the Importance of Consumer Wants and Needs
Martin RLautman and Koen Pauwels

The Effectiveness of Combining Online and Print Advertisements: Is the Whole Better than the Individual Parts?
Lea M Wakolbinger, Michaela Denk, and Klaus Oberecker

Beavers, Bubbles, Bees, and Moths: An Examination of Animated Spokescharacters in DTC Prescription-Drug Advertisements and Websites
Kartik Pashupati

Editorial: Getting Metrics Right
Geoffrey Precourt

Management Slant

Viewpoint: Just Asking: Why You Should Make People Curious about Your Brand
Joel Rubinson

Commentary: Who Owns Metrics? Building a Bill of Rights for Online Advertisers
Benjamin Edelman

Articles: Getting Metrics Right

It’s Personal: Extracting Lifestyle Indicators in Digital Television Advertising
George Lekakos

Measuring Advertising Quality on Television: Deriving Meaningful Metrics from Audience Retention Data
Dan Zigmond, Sundar Dorai-Raj, Yannet Interian, and Igor Naverniouk

A New Branch of Advertising: Reviewing Factors That Influence Reactions to Product Placement
Eva van Reijmersdal, Peter Neijens, and Edith G. Smit

How Effective is Creativity? Emotive Content in TV Advertising Does Not Increase Attention
Robert G. Heath, Agnes C. Nairn, and Paul A. Bottomley

A Special Report from the Advertising Research Foundation

The Foundations of Quality Initiative: A Five-Part Immersion into the Quality of Online Research
Robert Walker, Raymond Pettit, and Joel Rubinson