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Econometrica, 77(6)

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A Parsimonious Macroeconomic Model for Asset Pricing
Fatih Guvenen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Liquidity and Trading Dynamics
Veronica Guerrieri, Guido Lorenzoni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market Structure and Multiple Equilibria in Airline Markets
Federico Ciliberto, Elie Tamer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Longevity and Lifetime Labor Supply: Evidence and Implications
Moshe Hazan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bayesian Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models
Susumu Imai, Neelam Jain, Andrew Ching [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Structural Nonparametric Cointegrating Regression
Qiying Wang, Peter C. B. Phillips [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comparative Statics, Informativeness, and the Interval Dominance Order
John K.-H. Quah, Bruno Strulovici [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Observing Unobservables: Identifying Information Asymmetries With a Consumer Credit Field Experiment
Dean Karlan, Jonathan Zinman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comments on "Convergence Properties of the Likelihood of Computed Dynamic Models"
Daniel Ackerberg, John Geweke, Jinyong Hahn [Publisher]