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Business Horizons, 53(1)

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Business Horizons 

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Teachable moments
Catherine M. Dalton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tips for managing career transitions and your golf game: Lessons and teaching from Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book
Candida G. Brush [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Problems with probabilities
Michael B. Metzger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When the CEO is ill: Keeping quiet or going public?
Alexa A. Perryman, Frank C. Butler, John A. Martin, Gerald R. Ferris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The bottom-line benefits of ethics code commitment
K. Matthew Gilley, Christopher J. Robertson, Tim C. Mazur [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing product safety of imported Chinese goods
Barry Berman, Kunal Swani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When strategies collide: Divergent multipoint strategies within competitive triads
John W. Upson, Annette L. Ranft [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media
Andreas M. Kaplan, Michael Haenlein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stealth marketing as a strategy
Abhijit Roy, Satya P. Chattopadhyay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Books on the horizon
Mimi Dollinger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]