ACR North America 2010


Association for Consumer Research 2010 North American Conference, Jacksonville, FL, Chaired by Darren Dahl, Stijn van Osselaer, and Gita Johar; Deadline 1 Mar

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On behalf of the conference chairs Darren Dahl, Stijn van Osselaer, and Gita Johar, I am delighted to announce that the call for papers for the 2010 ACR North American conference to be held in Jacksonville, Florida, OCTOBER 7-10, 2010 is now available online at

The theme of ACR 2010 is: Think BIGBig Ideas. Big Findings. We would like to promote research that has a big picture focus. Big picture research either involves building theories that apply to a wide range of phenomena or discovering "big" phenomena that are of real importance to consumers’ lives. We also would like to promote a big picture way of communicating findings and theories at the conference. We would like talks to focus on the main ideas at the expense of detail. Several changes at this year’s conference reflect the Think Big theme. Every special session will have four, shorter talks. Session chairs are asked to kick-start discussion about big picture implications at the end of special and competitive paper sessions. Abstracts in the program will be shorter, encouraging authors to clearly communicate their big picture ideas. Finally, we will appeal to reviewers and Associate Editors to err on the side of big picture contributions instead of methodological perfection.

The submission deadline is MARCH 1, 2010.