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Organizational Research Methods 

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Organizational Research Methods: Yearly Update
Robert J. Vandenberg [Publisher]

Research Methods in Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges
Jeremy C. Short, David J. Ketchen, Jr, James G. Combs, and R. Duane Ireland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conjoint Analysis in Entrepreneurship Research: A Review and Research Agenda
Franz T. Lohrke, Betsy Bugg Holloway, and Thomas W. Woolley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Experience Sampling Methodology to Advance Entrepreneurship Theory and Research
Marilyn A. Uy, Maw-Der Foo, and Herman Aguinis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring Arbitrage Opportunities: A Minimum Performance Inefficiency Estimation Technique
Sergey Anokhin, Marvin D. Troutt, Joakim Wincent, and Alan A. Brandyberry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Philosophy and Practice of Interpretivist Research in Entrepreneurship: Quality, Validation, and Trust
Claire M. Leitch, Frances M. Hill, and Richard T. Harrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Idea Sets: Conceptualizing and Measuring a New Unit of Analysis in Entrepreneurship Research
Susan A. Hill and Julian M. Birkinshaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring Opportunity-Recognition Beliefs: Illustrating and Validating an Experimental Approach
Denis A. Gregoire, Dean A. Shepherd, and Lisa Schurer Lambert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spatial Dependence in Entrepreneurship Research: Challenges and Methods
Lawrence A. Plummer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dealing With Spatial Heterogeneity in Entrepreneurship Research
Robert J. Breitenecker and Rainer Harms [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are We There Yet?: An Assessment of Research Design and Construct Measurement Practices in Entrepreneurship Research
T. Russell Crook, Christopher L. Shook, M. Lane Morris, and Timothy M. Madden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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