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The OR/MS process: An orphan? The five sections analysis
Heiner Muller-Merbach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lot-sizing decisions under limited-time price incentives: A review
Ranga V. Ramasesh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selecting sourcing partners for a make-to-order supply chain
Jinfeng Yue, Yu Xia, Thuhang Tran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamic DEA: A slacks-based measure approach?
Kaoru Tone, Miki Tsutsui [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A locationÄallocation model for service providers with application to not-for-profit health care organizations
Siddhartha S. Syam, Murray J. C“t‚ [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Behavior-based analysis of knowledge dissemination channels in operations management
Clyde W. Holsapple, Anita Lee-Post [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An integer programming approach to scheduling in a contaminated area
Tadeusz Sawik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pre-distribution vs. post-distribution for cross-docking with transshipments?
Shao-Long Tang, Hong Yan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Single vs. multiple objective supplier selection in a make to order environment
Tadeusz Sawik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A note on a makespan minimization problem with a multi-ability learning effect
Adam Janiak, RadosLaw Rudek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Estimating the optimal order quantity and the maximum expected profit for single-period inventory decisions
Ilias S. Kevork [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A qualitative perspective to deriving weights from pairwise comparison matrices
Ramakrishnan Ramanathan, Usha Ramanathan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exact closed-form solutions for “optimal inventory model for items with imperfect quality and shortage backordering”
Hung-Chi Chang, Chia-Huei Ho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]