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Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 35(6)

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J Exp Psych: Learn, Memory and Cog 

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All Letters Are Not Equal: Subgraphemic Texture in Orthographic Working Memory
Angela C. Jones, Jocelyn R. Folk, Brenda Rapp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attentional Modulation of the Mere Exposure Effect
Yoshihiko Yagi, Shinobu Ikoma, Tadashi Kikuchi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceptual-Gestural (Mis)Mapping in Serial Short-Term Memory: The Impact of Talker Variability
Robert W. Hughes, John E. Marsh, Dylan M. Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Superior Self-Paced Memorization of Digits in Spite of a Normal Digit Span: The Structure of a Memorist’s Skill
Yi Hu, K. Anders Ericsson, Dan Yang, Chao Lu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Distractor Modality Can Turn Semantic Interference Into Semantic Facilitation in the PictureÄWord Interference Task: Implications for Theories of Lexical Access in Speech Production
Ansgar Hantsch, J”rg D. Jescheniak, Herbert Schriefers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thematic Relations Affect Similarity Via Commonalities
Sabrina Golonka, Zachary Estes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural Differences in Complex Addition: Efficient Chinese Versus Adaptive Belgians and Canadians
Ineke Imbo, Jo-Anne LeFevre [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Congruity Effects Between Materials and Processing Tasks in the Survival Processing Paradigm
Andrew C. Butler, Sean H.K. Kang, Henry L. Roediger III [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exaggerated Risk: Prospect Theory and Probability Weighting in Risky Choice
Petko Kusev, Paul van Schaik, Peter Ayton, John Dent, Nick Chater [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transfer of Magnitude and Spatial Mappings to the SNARC Effect for Parity Judgments
Gi Yeul Bae, Jong Moon Choi, Yang Seok Cho, Robert W. Proctor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Generation and Perceptual Implicit Memory: Different Generation Tasks Produce Different Effects on Perceptual Priming
Neil W. Mulligan, Ilana T.Z. Dew [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Increased or Reversed? The Effect of Surprise on Hindsight Bias Depends on the Hindsight Component
Steffen Nestler, Boris Egloff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

No Evidence for Temporal Decay in Working Memory
Stephan Lewandowsky, Klaus Oberauer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Context-Dependent Semantic Priming in Number Naming
Jamie I.D. Campbell, Bert Reynvoet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Memory on Perception: It’s Not What Things Look Like, It’s What You Call Them
Holger Mitterer, J”rn M. Horschig, Jochen M?sseler, Asifa Majid [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cue Strength as a Moderator of the Testing Effect: The Benefits of Elaborative Retrieval
Shana K. Carpenter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unspoken Knowledge: Implicit Learning of Structured Human Dance Movement
Tajana Opacic, Catherine Stevens, Barbara Tillmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the Relationships Among Item Recognition, Source Recognition, and Recall From an Individual Differences Perspective
Nash Unsworth, Gene A. Brewer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Anticipated Reward Enhances Offline Learning During Sleep
Stefan Fischer, Jan Born [Publisher] [Google Scholar]