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Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19(4)

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Journal of Consumer Psychology 

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On values and phenomenology
Steven S. Posavac [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The habitual consumer
Wendy Wood, David T. Neal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Self-regulation of consumer decision making and behavior: The role of implementation intentions
Peter M. Gollwitzer, Paschal Sheeran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The broad embrace of luxury: Hedonic potential as a driver of brand extendibility
Henrik Hagtvedt, Vanessa M. Patrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When thinking is beneficial and when it is not: The effects of thin and round advertising models
Michael H„fner, Debra Trampe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Memory issues pertaining to social marketing messages about behavior enactment versus non-enactment
Dan Freeman, Stewart Shapiro, Merrie Brucks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regulatory fit from attribute-based versus alternative-based processing in decision making
Mehdi Mourali, Frank Pons [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How successful would a phone-pillow be: Using dual process theory to predict the success of hybrids involving dissimilar products
Michael Gibbert, David Mazursky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The interactive effects of duality expertise and coping frames on responses to ambivalent messages
Thomas Kramer, Loraine Lau-Gesk, Chi-yue Chiu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Everything you always wanted to know about SEM (structural equations modeling) but were afraid to ask
Dawn Iacobucci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]