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4th Annual Global Sales Science Institute Conference, Poznan, Poland, 16-18 Jun 2010; Deadline 21 Feb

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Advancing Sales: measuring and refining for sales research, education and practice

4th Annual Global Sales Science Institute Conference,
Poznan University of Economics, Poland, June 16-18 2010 (see events)

Sales is the lifeblood of business. Tough competition along with dynamically changing markets make the need to master sales domain an everlasting endeavor. Mastering sales is not limited to sales practice but covers the sales education (how future sales people and managers are educated) and sales science (new theories and methods). It is, simultaneously, a constant process of analyzing previous achievements, creating and implementing new proposals.

The annual GSSI conference aims to foster a climate of interactive dialogue between sales academics and practitioners.

The conference will have presentations of peer accepted papers as well as panel discussions covering academic teaching methodologies and sales management experiences, among other topics. In particular, it is the opportunity:

  • For doctoral students to present their concepts and receive feedback from leading scholars in sales domain,
  • For scholars to present and discuss research projects, empirical findings and/or teaching experience,
  • For practitioners to present their individual company’s approach of selling and sales management.

Paper topics

All topics related to sales management, selling techniques are invited. The papers can range from theory development to case studies, from concepts for measurements to testing propositions in empirical studies. Papers based on cross cultural studies and having international implications are especially welcome. The specific topics for papers can be related (but not limited) to the following:

  1. Sales Planning: forecasting and budgeting sales, setting sales quotas
  2. Sales Force Management: recruiting and motivating sales force, sales force compensation, coaching and leadership
  3. Selling Process and Sales Techniques
  4. Sales Performance Evaluation: determinants of sales performance, measuring sales, sales performance metrics
  5. Technology in Sales: CRM, internet-based interfaces with customers , sales force automation
  6. Sales strategy: intra-organizational sales, sales and marketing cooperation, multichannel sales strategy, sales function within organization

In these topics we hope to achieve the goal put forward by the Guest Editors of European Journal of Marketing Special Issue on sales (Geiger and Guenzi 2009), to push sales science and education further. Specifically, the topics fall into two groups – those which should be advanced given their importance to practitioners (points 1,4) and those which might need further refinement (points 2,3 and 5).

Doctoral colloquium

A special session for young researchers working on a PhD thesis or a research project who are interested in further developing their theses will be held on the first day of the Conference (June, 16th).

Papers and proposals submissions

Deadline for papers: Please submit papers electronically to by February 21st, 2010. After peer reviews are complete the author(s) will be notified of acceptance or rejection for presentation at the conference by March 29th, 2010. For details on authors guidelines please see the relevant paragraph. All accepted papers can be published in a book.

More information can be found at the conference website or GSSI’s website (events).