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Strategic Management Journal, 31(1)

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Strategic Management Journal 

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The development of capabilities in new firms
Asli M. Arikan, Anita M. McGahan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

De novo venture strategy: arch incumbency at inaugural entry
Terence Ping Ching Fan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does firm performance reveal its own causes? the role of Bayesian inference
Ying-Chan Tang, Fen-May Liou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing for stakeholders, stakeholder utility functions, and competitive advantage
Jeffrey S. Harrison, Douglas A. Bosse, Robert A. Phillips [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The routine may be stable but the advantage is not: competitive implications of key employee mobility
Federico Aime, Scott Johnson, Jason W. Ridge, Aaron D. Hill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation search of new ventures in a technology cluster: the role of ties with service intermediaries
Yan Zhang, Haiyang Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of CEO core self-evaluation on the firm’s entrepreneurial orientation
Zeki Simsek, Ciaran Heavey, John (Jack) F. Veiga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]