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Strategy & Leadership, 37(6)

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Strategy & Leadership 

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Unique experiences: disruptive innovations offer customers more “time well spent”
David W. Norton, B. Joseph Pine II [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategies for winning in the current and post-recession environment
Martin Reeves, Michael S. Deimler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Migration management: an approach for improving strategy implementation
Gary Getz, Chris Jones, Pierre Loewe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What new general managers must learn and forget in order to succeed
Preston C. Bottger, Jean-Louis Barsoux [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Only the right people are strategic assets of the firm
David W. Crain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A guide to choosing genuine opportunities for turnarounds
Robert M. Shaughnessy, Kathryn Rudie Harrigan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]