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Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 22(5)

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Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 

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Coupling and decoupling of unfairness and anger in ultimatum bargaining
Joydeep Srivastava, Francine Espinoza, Alexander Fedorikhin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Framing of imprecise quantities: When are lower interval bounds preferred to upper bounds?
Anne-Marie Halberg, Karl Halvor Teigen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Criterion knowledge: A moderator of using the recognition heuristic?
Benjamin E. Hilbig, R?diger F. Pohl, Arndt Br”der [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comments on Getting scarred and winning lotteries: Effects of exemplar cuing and statistical format on imagining low-probability events, By Newell, Mitchell, and Hayes (2008)
Jonathan J. Koehler, Laura Macchi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Missing the target: A reply to Koehler & Macchi (2009)
Ben R. Newell, Chris J. Mitchell, Brett K. Hayes [Publisher]