Excellence in Ethics 2010


Sixth annual dissertation proposal competition, hosted by the Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide at the University of Notre Dame; Deadline 1 Feb 2010

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Excellence in Ethics:
Dissertation Proposal Competition

The Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide at the University of Notre Dame is hosting its sixth annual dissertation proposal competition, the first and most established competition in this area. The objective of the competition is to recognize and award Ph.D. candidates whose research will further our understanding of the ethical issues facing the business community. Candidates in all business disciplines—including accounting, finance, management and marketing—as well as other disciplines that speak to business ethics issues, such as social psychology and sociology, are encouraged to submit their proposals. Proposals will be judged on the contribution that they make to the scholarly understanding of ethical issues in business as well as on their theoretical and methodological rigor. Finalists will be asked to present a short summary of their dissertation at the “Behavioral Business Ethics: Ideas on an Emerging Field” conference, to be held May 21-22, 2010 at the University of Notre Dame’s Sante Fe Building in Chicago, IL. All finalists will receive a travel stipend of up to $500 and winners will also receive a $1000 honorarium.

Past winners of the Excellence in Ethics: Dissertation Proposal Competition include:

The Agency Costs of Managerial Indiscretions: Sex, Lies, and Firm Value
Adam Yore, Drexel University

Scurrilous Competitors: Risk-takers, Bribers & Saboteurs in Promotion Tournaments
Niro Sivanathan, Northwestern University

Stewardship: Theoretical Development and Test of its Determinants
Morela Hernandez, Duke University, 2006

Financial Misrepresentations: Antecedents and Performance Effects
Jared Harris, University of Minnesota, 2005

Entrepreneurial Virtue: New Business Creation as a Teleological Pursuit
Carter Crockett, Robert Gordon University, Scotland, 2004

Submission Guidelines

All Ph.D. candidates who have defended their dissertation proposal in 2009 are invited to attend.

Proposals must be received by February 1, 2010.

Proposal length is 12 pages of text and 5 pages of references and exhibits in normal font (12 point) and acceptable margins (1”).

Proposals should be accompanied by an application form, available at http://www.ethicalbusiness.nd.edu (in the right column).

Proposals and or questions should be sent to: Ann Tenbrunsel, Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide, Attn: Dissertation Competition, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556-0399 or to atenbrun@nd.edu.