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Service Industries Journal, 29(11)

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Service Industries Journal 

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Who are the online grocers?
Tak-Kee Hui; David Wan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Public service quality and customer satisfaction: exploring the attributes of service quality in the public sector
Seung-Kyu Rhee; June-Young Rha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An integrated model of customer social exchange relationship: the moderating role of customer experience
Youjae Yi; Taeshik Gong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploration of lead factors affecting service recovery
Wen-Bao Lin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Zone of tolerance for banks: a diagnostic model of service quality
Halil Nadiri; Jay Kandampully; Kashif Hussain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-country comparison of intellectual capital performance of commercial banks in Asian economies
Chaur-Shiuh Young; Hwan-Yann Su; Shih-Chieh Fang; Shyh-Rong Fang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of relational bonds on online customer satisfaction
Yi-Ling Chen; Hung-Chang Chiu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Price dispersion of online air tickets for short distance international routes
Pei-Chun Lin; Chen-Cheng Chen; Mei-Hui Song [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Power perceptions and modes of complaining in higher education
Avinandan Mukherjee; Mary Beth Pinto; Neeru Malhotra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]