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Journal of Consumer Culture, 9(3)

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Journal of Consumer Culture 

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Hypermodern Consumption and Megalomania: Superlatives in commercials
Simon Gottschalk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making a Habit of It: Positional Consumption, Conventional Action and the Standard of Living
Rachel E. Dwyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Good Young Nostalgia: Camera phones and technologies of self among Israeli youths
Ori Schwarz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotions, Imagination and Consumption: A new research agenda
Eva Illouz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Robert, J. Foster, Coca-Globalization: Following Soft Drinks from New York to New Guinea. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2008. 304 pp. ISBN-13 978–0–230–60386–8 (hbk), ISBN-10 0–230–60386–6 (pbk)
Roberta Sassatelli [Publisher]

Steve Hall, Simon Winlow, and Craig Ancrum, Criminal Identities and Consumer Culture. Portland, OR: Willan Publishing, 2008. 248 pp. ISBN 978–1–84392–255–1 (pbk)
Art Jipson [Publisher]

Jason Chambers, Madison Avenue and the Color Line: African Americans in the Advertising Industry. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008. 322 pp. ISBN 978–0812240474 (hbk)
Charles McGovern [Publisher]

Jo Littler, Radical Consumption: Shopping for Change in Contemporary Culture. Maidenhead: Open University Press, 2008. 160 pp. ISBN-13 978–0–3352–2152–3/ISBN-10 0–3352–2152–1 (pbk)
Vince Carducci [Publisher]