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Structural Equation Modeling, 16(4)

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Structural Equation Modeling 

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Testing Structural Equation Models or Detection of Misspecifications?
Willem E. Saris; Albert Satorra; William M. van der Veld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Level-Specific Evaluation of Model Fit in Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling
Ehri Ryu; Stephen G. West [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Two-Part Factor Mixture Modeling: Application to an Aggressive Behavior Measurement Instrument
YoungKoung Kim; Bengt O. Muth‚n [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Factor Analysis with Ordinal Indicators: A Monte Carlo Study Comparing DWLS and ULS Estimation
Carlos G. Forero; Alberto Maydeu-Olivares; David Gallardo-Pujol [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Referent Indicators in Tests of Measurement Invariance
Emily C. Johnson; Adam W. Meade; Amy M. DuVernet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Finite Feedback Cycling in Structural Equation Models
Leslie A. Hayduk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Nonlinear Growth Models in M plus and SAS
Kevin J. Grimm; Nilam Ram [Publisher] [Google Scholar]