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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 16(6)

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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 

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Efficiency and quality as economic dimensions of perceived value: Conceptualization, measurement, and effect on satisfaction
Raquel Sanchez-Fernandez, M. ?Ingeles Iniesta-Bonillo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived control and shopping behavior: The moderating role of the level of utilitarian motivational orientation
Renaud Lunardo, Ababacar Mbengue [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reinventing the branch: An empirical assessment of banking strategies to environmental differentiation
Thomas Allard, Barry Babin, Jean-Charles Chebat, Martine Crispo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are temporally reframed prices really advantageous? A more detailed look at the processes triggered by temporally reframed prices
Silke Bambauer-Sachse, Sabrina Christina Mangold [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Elderly consumers and their food store experiences
Lisa Meneely, Chris Strugnell, Amy Burns [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Diminishing varieties of active and creative retail experience: The end of the music shop?
Charles McIntyre [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Co-marketing alliances between heterogeneous industries: Examining perceived match-up effects in product, brand and alliance levels
SooKyoung Ahn, HeaJung Kim, Judith A. Forney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of selected store image dimensions on retailer equity: Evidence from 10 Chinese hypermarkets
Wu Jinfeng, Tian Zhilong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Different strokes for different folks: A method to accommodate decision -making heterogeneity
Wei Shao, Ashley Lye, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of consumer perceived value and subjective norm on mobile data service adoption between American and Korean consumers
Kiseol Yang, Laura D. Jolly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]