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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 37(4)

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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 

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The role of method: some parting thoughts from a departing editor
David W. Stewart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Driving forces of coordination costs in distributorÄsupplier relationships: toward a middle-range theory
Stephen K. Kim, Rodney L. Stump & Changho Oh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What makes strategy making across the sales-marketing interface more successful?
Avinash Malshe & Ravipreet S. Sohi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer-directed selling behaviors and performance: a comparison of existing perspectives
Christopher R. Plouffe, John Hulland & Trent Wachner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating commitment and loyalty behavior among retailers: what are the roles of service quality and satisfaction?
Beth Davis-Sramek, Cornelia Droge, John T. Mentzer & Matthew B. Myers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gratitude works: its impact and the mediating role of affective commitment in driving positive outcomes
Randle D. Raggio & Judith Anne Garretson Folse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and consequences of environmental stewardship in boundary-spanning B2B teams
Ko Ruyter, Ad Jong & Martin Wetzels [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Susceptibility to and impact of interpersonal influence in an investment context
A. O. I. Hoffmann & T. L. J. Broekhuizen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sponsorship effect metric: assessing the financial value of sponsoring by comparisons to television advertising
Erik L. Olson & Hans Mathias Thj©m©e [Publisher] [Google Scholar]