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International Journal of Advertising, 28(4)

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International Journal of Advertising 

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Editorial: On the need for advertising and public policy research
Charles R.Taylor

Tailor-made single-item measures of doubly concrete constructs
Lars Bergkvist and John R.Rossiter

The effect of ad value, ad placement and ad execution on the perceived intrusiveness of web advertisements
Lou Ying, Tor Korneliussen and Kjell Gr©nhaug

Agency practitioners’ meta-theories of advertising
Gergely Nyilasy and Leonard N. Reid

What matters most in advertising campaigns? The relative effect of media expenditure and message content strategy
Bas van den Putte

Is there global inclusion of authors in the five leading advertising journals? A regional comparison 1998Ä2007
Michael Polonsky and Les Carlson

Green advertising revisited: Conditioning virtual nature experiences
Patrick Hartmann and Vanessa Apaolaza-Ib ñez


A four-year retrospective John B. Ford

Book reviews

Kenneth Roman Ä The King of Madison Avenue: David Ogilvy and the Making of Modern Advertising
J. David Slocum

Dan Ariely Ä Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions
Rory Sutherland

Ex Libris
Scott Goodson