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Emerald Group Publishing announces their acquisition of the Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

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Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

New acquisition in 2009

Edited by: Jonathan Deacon, Newport Business School, UK

Emerald Group Publishing is happy to announce their acquisition of the Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Now entering its 11th volume, the journal is an established and well respected publication in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship.

The Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrespreneurship continues to seek studies that contribute to our developing knowledge of entrepreneurial and small business marketing. Even though research into the relationship between marketing and entrepreneurship is still relatively young, the subject has thus far proved exciting and thought provoking, and critical thinking has progressed rapidly.

Potential topics

The journal welcomes contributions from around the world that adopt innovative approaches as well as those that draw on standard methodologies. While papers submitted for consideration may address any pertinent topic, the following are deemed especially integral to the study of entrepreneurial marketing: networking, word-of-mouth marketing, creativity, marketing/entrepreneurship orientation, SME marketing and entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, and educational issues. Of continuing special interest are:

  • Opportunity recognition
  • The relationship between marketing strategies and financial performances within entrepreneurial firms
  • New methodologies for the analysis of entrepreneurial firms
  • Case studies that focus on entrepreneurial firms

The Editor Jonathan Deacon now invites submissions to the journal: jonathan.deacon@newport.ac.uk

For more information on the journal, including complete author guidelines please visit: www.emeraldinsight.com/jrme.htm or contact the publisher, Andrew Smith: agsmith@emeraldinsight.com