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Business strategy in different market contexts, Special issue of European Business Review, Edited by Anders Pehrsson and Gran Svensson; Deadline 1 Mar 2010

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European Business Review

Special issue on
Business strategy in different market contexts

Guest Editors:

Anders Pehrsson, Linnaeus University, Sweden (from January 2010) and
Gran Svensson, Oslo School of Management, Norway

Researchers have produced an extensive body of knowledge about business strategy and the process of formulating and implementing strategy. We know that business strategy cannot be isolated from the environmental context in which the strategy is shaped. As a business strategy concerns a set of products that are brought to a market, the market context is important. Furthermore, customers and competitors are major actors in a market, and the structure and behaviour of these actors generally manifest characteristics of the market context. However, our knowledge of the impact of market context is limited.

The theme of this special issue is “Business strategy in different market contexts”. We invite rigorous conceptual or empirical papers that highlight aspects of strategy content or strategy process in different market contexts defined by the structure or behaviour of customers and/or competitors. These are just some examples of potential topics for papers:

  • What characterizes an optimum business strategy in a market context composed of a few large customers in comparison with that of several small customers?
  • What is the strategy impact of dynamic competition in comparison with competition that changes to a lesser degree? Is there any general way of coping with the uncertainty that originates from changes in competition?
  • What is the strategy impact of a market context characterized by intensive competition caused by, for example, market liberalizations and a greater number of competitors with different origins?
  • To what extent should we acknowledge the geographical dimension in specifying a market context? What is the strategy impact of geographic distance?

Submission deadline: 1 March 2010

Papers should be submitted electronically to: and

Papers will be double-blind peer reviewed.

The format for submissions to the European Business Review can be found at:

Those with questions about the acceptability of proposed topics are urged to contact the Guest Editors as soon as possible.