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Marketing Science, 28(5)

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Editorial – Does Everything Not Being Resolved Equal Nothing Gained? Bringing in the Wisdom of the Academic Crowd
Eric T. Bradlow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Financial Markets and Customer Satisfaction: Reexamining Possible Financial Market Mispricing of Customer Satisfaction
Robert Jacobson and Natalie Mizik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commentary – The Economic and Statistical Significance of Stock Returns on Customer Satisfaction
Claes Fornell, Sunil Mithas, and Forrest V. Morgeson, III [Publisher]

Commentary – The Stock Market’s Pricing of Customer Satisfaction
Christopher Ittner, David Larcker, and Daniel Taylor [Publisher]

Rejoinder – Customer Satisfaction-Based Mispricing: Issues and Misconceptions
Robert Jacobson and Natalie Mizik [Publisher]

A Dynamic Model of Consumer Replacement Cycles in the PC Processor Industry
Brett R. Gordon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimal Product Line Design When Consumers Exhibit Choice Set-Dependent Preferences
A. Yesim Orhun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Standard vs. Custom Products: Variety, Lead Time, and Price Competition
Nan Xia and S. Rajagopalan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service Cancellation and Competitive Refund Policy
Liang Guo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Implications of Channel Structure for Leasing or Selling Durable Goods
Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran and Stephen M. Gilbert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond Attention Effects: Modeling the Persuasive and Emotional Effects of Advertising Creativity
Xiaojing Yang and Robert E. Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the Role of Trade-Ins in Durable Goods Markets: Theory and Evidence
Raghunath Singh Rao, Om Narasimhan, and George John [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-National Logo Evaluation Analysis: An Individual-Level Approach
Ralf van der Lans, Joseph A. Cote, Catherine A. Cole, Siew Meng Leong, Ale Smidts, Pamela W. Henderson, Christian Bluemelhuber, Paul A. Bottomley, John R. Doyle, Alexander Fedorikhin, Janakiraman Moorthy, B. Ramaseshan, and Bernd H. Schmitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commentary – Assumptions, Explanation, and Prediction in Marketing Science: "It’s the Findings, Stupid, Not the Assumptions"
Eric W. K. Tsang [Publisher]

Commentary – Relevancy Is Robust Prediction, Not Alleged Realism
Steven M. Shugan [Publisher]

Rejoinder – Robust Prediction and Unrealistic Assumptions
Eric W. K. Tsang [Publisher]

Rejoinder – Think Theory Testing, Not Realism
Steven M. Shugan [Publisher]