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International Journal of Advertising, 28(4)

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International Journal of Advertising 

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Manipulator or messenger?
Nick Tanner


Taking up an event: brand image transfer during the FIFA World Cup
Peter Neijens, Edith Smit and Marjolein Moorman

Main papers

Essence: the structure and dynamics of the brand Chris Barnham

Using mobile phones for survey research: a comparison with fixed phones
Paula Vicente, Elizabeth Reis and Maria Santos

Digital versus traditional newspapers: influences on perceived substitutability
Carlos Flavi n and Raquel Gurrea

Relationship strength in service industries: a measurement model
Guicheng Shi, Yi-zheng Shi, Allan K. K. Chan and Yonggui Wang

Effects of incentives and the Big Five personality dimensions on internet panellists’ ratings
Andrea J. Larson and Daniel A. Sachau

Book reviews

The Drunkard’s Walk – How Randomness Rules Our Lives
Peter Mouncey

Consumer Kids – How Big Business is Grooming Our Children for Profit
Kathy Hamilton