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Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 33(5)

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Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 

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Transnational Entrepreneurship: An Emergent Field of Study
Israel Drori, Benson Honig, Mike Wright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transnational Entrepreneurship: Determinants of Firm Type and Owner Attributions of Success
Jennifer M. Sequeira, Jon C. Carr, Abdul A. Rasheed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Balancing Act: The Role of Transnational Habitus and Social Networks in Balancing Transnational Entrepreneurial Activities
Pankaj C. Patel, Betty Conklin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding Transnational Entrepreneurship Through a Network Lens: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations
Wenhong Chen, Justin Tan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transnational Entrepreneurs’ Venture Internationalization Strategies: A Practice Theory Approach
Siri Terjesen, Amanda Elam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Relocation in Venture Capital Finance
Douglas Cumming, Grant Fleming, Armin Schwienbacher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]