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Service Science, 1(2)

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Service Science 

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Editorial Column: Service Science and Network Science
Cheng Hsu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Application of Feedback Control Method to Workforce Management in a Service Supply Chain
Young M. Lee, Lianjun An, Daniel Connors [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quality and Customer Satisfaction Spillovers in the Mobile Phone Industry
Kah-Hin Chai, Yi Ding, Yufeng Xing [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Some Characteristics of Human Resources in the Service Sector
Daniel Berg, Norman Einspruch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Homeworking and Service Delivery: A Win Win Arrangement?
Phil Beaumont, Judy Pate, Robert A. Paton, Sandra Stewart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interactive Method for Service Design Using Computer Simulation
Yuki Makino, Kazuo Furuta, Taro Kanno, Shigeki Yoshihara, Takamichi Mase [Publisher] [Google Scholar]